Quality Assurance

National Disability Advocacy Program Quality Assurance Audit

DA has again become a National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) agency that has completed its (on-site) independent quality assurance audit, and has been found to comply with the new National Standards for Disability Services (September 2016).

As well as confirming that DA has effective quality management systems and processes in place that are in line with the Disability Standards, the audit team were able to provide us with some suggestions for improvement. In some cases they were able to take on board and apply the changes straight away – getting the auditors’ feedback and tapping into their expertise whilst the audit was still underway.



NSW Disability Service Standards Quality Assurance Audit

In September 2013 DA also undertook and accreditation audit for the NSW Disability Service Standards. DA became the first advocacy service to be accredited under the NSW and Australian standards. Through re-certification in November 2015 against the National Standards for Disability Services DA is also compliant with the NSW Disability Service Standards.

DA Exit Surveys

To ensure all that our work is accountable to clients, members, funding bodies and the general community we have undertaken to give all clients the opportunity to comment on the advocacy assistance they received from DA.

Our quality assurance approach is to survey all clients when an advocacy matter is concluded. While there are flaws in any research instrument we believe that this method gives a fair indication of the success or otherwise of our advocacy work. Any negative comments by clients are also raised at staff and board meeting with a view to continuous improvement of our work.