Why #AdvocacyMatters for Jackie

Why #AdvocacyMatters for Jackie Bourne of Glenn Innes.

Jackie has a disability and found out about NSW advocacy cuts to disability advocacy services across the state in 30 June 2018 and sent us this letter in her own words:

“I know first-hand how much of a vital role a disability advocate plays in the life of individual with a disability.

When I first found out that the NSW State Government is cutting funding to such an important role, due to the NDIS.  I was horrified.  I immediately, thought what is going to happen to the most vulnerable individuals in our society? Especially those who cannot get on to the NDIS, no matter how hard they try? And who don’t have family members, relatives or carers to act on their behalf.

There might be support workers or support coordinators who can act on an individual’s behalf. But there will be times, where the issue will fall outside of the support workers job description, when the individual will need an Advocate that doesn’t work in the client’s immediate circle. Support workers and support coordinators don’t have the training and experience that disability advocates have.

This is where disability advocacy comes in.

I have had several issues that are separate to the NDIS over the years that I have needed an advocate for and I have a current ongoing issue that I need an advocate to act on my behalf.

This is where I do firmly believe that there will always be issues separate to the NDIS and issues that will involve the NDIS that will always need a fully trained and experienced advocate. “ July 2017

Disability Info & Support Hub (DISH) Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie

A connection point for people with a disability and their families/carers in Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie, NSW.  The Hub will operate every month in Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.  Parents and Advocates will be available to talk to you on an informal level on the day. The purpose of the Disability Info and Support Hub is to inform, educate and empower people with a disability, parents and carers and assist to connect people and share information and experience.


Coffs Harbour:

When: The 1st Tuesday of every month 10am-12.00 noonWhere: Coffs Harbour Community Village, 22 Earl Street, Coffs Harbour

Where: Coffs Harbour Community Village, 22 Earl Street, Coffs Harbour

Contact person: Robert Manwaring phone: 02 66 51 1159 Email: [email protected]


Port Macquarie:

When:  The 3rd Tuesday of every month 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Where:  Port Macquarie Library, Grant Street, Port Macquarie

Contact Person Julie Haraksin 02 65 802100 (Wednesdays only)

[email protected]


For up to date information go to DISH – Disability Info Support Hub Facebook Page

[email protected]