To find out more about the free and independent NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) support simply call 1300 365 085 or email [email protected]

Disability Advocacy NSW (DA) has two important ways it can help people with a disability and family with the NDIS:

  1. General Advocacy Support
  2. External Merits Review Support of NDIS decisions (NDIS Appeals)

Please read on below to find out more – but before that below are some NDIS Help Booklets that can be downloaded

NDIS Help Booklets

NDIS Help – I can’t access the NDIS and NDIS Help – Not Enough Support

1. General Advocacy Support

Disability Advocacy NSW (DA) has a role to play in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by ensuring that people with a disability receive fair treatment in their dealings with National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA),  service providers and individuals who are providing funded support under the NDIS .  Note on this page we use the term NDIS to refer to the scheme and the  NDIA to refer to the agency that runs it.  Download our NDIS & Disability Advocacy flyer for more information. The role of advocacy is included in the NDIS ACT 2013:

(4 ) General principles guiding actions under this Act (13) The role of advocacy in representing the interests of people with disability is to be acknowledged and respected, recognising that advocacy supports people with disability by:

(a) promoting their independence and social and economic participation; and

(b) promoting choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports; and

(c) maximising independent lifestyles of people with disability and their full inclusion in the mainstream community.

If you have a problem with the NDIS there are actions you can take to resolve the problem. Here is the link to the NDIS feedback, complaints and review page. An advocate may be able to assist you with some of these actions. If you think you need assistance simply call DA on 1300 365 085 and talk about your issue with one of our intake officers. If you work for a service or are a professional in the field and wish to refer a person for advocacy assistance complete the online referral on our home page.

2. NDIS Appeals Advocacy (“External Merits Review Support”)

DA also has a specialist role in relation to NDIA decisions. DA employs Appeals Officers (External Merits Review or EMR Support Person) in the following areas to support people who wish to challenge NDIA decisions in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT):

  • Hunter & Central Coast
  • Nepean-Blue Mountains
  • New England
  • Mid North Coast
  • Western NSW
  • Far West NSW

The AAT has power to examine a wide range of decisions by NDIA, including who is able to participate in the NDIS and what types of support are provided to NDIS participants. 

* Remember an application must be made within 28 days after you receive the decision from NDIA. The AAT may allow a longer period in special circumstances. The DA Appeals Officer’s job is to assist applicants to navigate the process of seeking an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) review of NDIS decisions, including preparing documents, attending conferences and hearings;

  • Assist applicants to self-advocate where possible, or provide individual advocacy support, developing and implementing an individual plan in partnership with the applicant;
  • Ensure a referral to the Central Assessment Provider ( a specialist legal advisor) where legal issues are highlighted for a determination as to whether legal services will be provided (for complex or novel legal cases);
  • Provide public information about the availability and role of the support person; and
  • Assist in the development of skills in self-advocacy by conducting individual or group sessions.

If you think you need assistance simply call DA on 1300 365 085 and talk about your issue with an Intake Officer.  If you work for a service or are a professional in the field and wish to refer a person for assistance with an appeal to the AAT complete the online referral on our home page.

If you already have someone supporting you with  your review such as a friend, family member, carer, another advocate or a support worker we don’t have to replace these supports.  An NDIS appeals officer can work with your existing supports in an advisory capacity or, if you chose, provide more comprehensive appeals support.  If you have any questions or concerns about  this you can contact 1300 365 085 to talk over your concerns and provide you with some options for support.